Hoe verzorg je je kamerplanten

Taking care of your houseplant

Some people are born as plant moms or dads, but most of us are not. For those we have made a guide with general guidelines for taking care of your plants. Do you know what is a great spot for your plants? And what about nutrition for your plants? It is good to know that every plant has its own needs. Therefore, it is usefull to read more about the plant you are planning to buy. In this blog we will give you some general tips, so your plants could shine in your house!

How do you find the right spot for your plant?

Light is really, really import for houseplants. Too much of too little light results in unhappy plants. Taking care of your plant starts with finding the right spot in your house. Sun, half-shadow, shadow or indirect light; there are many spots you could place a plant. Every plant has its own favourite spot! But how do you know the one of your new friend?

Our first tip: reminder that there are less plants that could handle full sun. Therefore, a south-facing window is a bad idea for most of the plants. Another way to find out which spot is suitable for your plant, is to check its natural environment. Did you choose a plant that normally grows in the jungle? This plant problably needs a spot with little direct sunlight.

Zo verzorg jij je kamerplant

Watering your plant

Watering your plants: it sounds really easy, but it turns out it is not. Did you know most plants die because they get too much water? An obvious way to avoid this is to water your plants less. Your plant also prefers to receive a little water a few times a week, instead of a lot at once. Another, perhaps very important tip, is not to water your plants in the middle of the day. The best time to do this is in the morning, especially in the summer.

But how do you know when to water your plants? We have a trick for this! You only need your finger and the plant. Stick your finger in the potting soil. Does potting soil stick to your finger when you take it out? Then you can wait a day before giving water.

Does my plant need nutrition?

We are sometimes asked whether nutrition really belongs to the basic needs of a plant. Our resounding answer to that is, yes, absolutely. Plants need nutrition. In nature, some plants get minerals from the soil, while others get their nutrition from rainwater. There are also plants that are fed by animals in nature. The Hydnophytum papuanum, for example, is fed by the ants that walk through its corridors.

With the tap water that you give the plants, you can rinse the plant at a time. The nutrition in the potting soil is then either absorbed or washed away. At home on the windowsill, your plant does not get any nutrition from nature, so you will have help your plant a little. It also differs per plant when it needs nutrition.

Do you think: I have not fed my plant for a while? Or does your plant look different than usual and not very happy, for example blotchy, yellow or pale? Then it is probably time to give your plant some nutrition. It is important never to overfeed as your plant could die. It is therefore best to give small amounts and test when your plant needs it.

Spray your plants with water

Something you might not think about is spraying your plants with water. But this is also important! Regular spraying makes many plants happy. You will probably be very happy with your heating during the cold winter months, but your plants do not like the dry air of the heater at all! It is especially important to water during these months, but you can actually water all year round.

You can spray your plants with a plant sprayer, which are available in all shapes and sizes. Another option is to take your plants to the bathroom when you take a shower. They do not mind the high humidity at all. Note: do not put the plants in the shower with you.

Kamerplanten verzorgen

Give 'm some love

It may not be a basic need for plants, but plants need love too. Wipe the leaves once in a while with a cloth so that they are free of dust, remove yellow/brown leaves and dry flowers and be careful when you move a plant.

3 extra tips

We have given you general tips and you can get started on becoming a real plant mom or plant dad. Here are three additional tips:

  1. The labels of our plants contain general care tips in the form of symbols. Read this carefully!
  2. Find more information online about the plant you have bought or are planning to buy. There is a lot of information on our website , but you can also find this information in other places.
  3. Did things go wrong and your plant dies? This does not make you a bad person, it happens to everyone!


Disclaimer: This blog contains guidelines and does not guarantee a beautiful, growing plant. Every house and every place is different. Therefore, read carefully into the needs of your plant and keep a close eye on how it is doing in your home. We are not responsible for your plant dying.

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