Philodendron bipinnatifidum en Rhipsalis cassutha in een interieur

Why is green so much fun?!

Do you already have such a plant jungle in your home? Then you follow the new trend! More and more people are discovering how nice it is to have green plants in the house to care for. You can watch them grow, take care of them and they even help you to freshen the air! Right, so now you have a nice reply to that boring friend who thinks you have too many plants in your house. It’s nice to see how plants are becoming increasingly popular not only in households but also with interior decorators. Green houseplants are truly becoming a part of the interior. 

Why is green so much fun?!

Everyone will have their own reasons for choosing a nice plant or maybe several, but besides the beauty, there are even more advantages to these non-nagging roommates! Green plants are good for your health, they give you peace of mind and the time and attention you put into taking care of the plants also brings joy. Isn’t it amazing to see your plant grow because you water them? For true plant lovers, this may also mean that they grow their own plants from cuttings and see a small plant grow up!

In addition to the joy and peace they can give, plants also have an air-purifying effect. NASA has done a whole study on this to show that plants remove toxic substances from the air, and yes, these are found in every household including yours! Your plant friend will give you cleaner air in your home by removing these toxic substances. The more plants you got and the larger the plants, the greater the effect of course, but every little bit helps! For example, the Phildendron bipinnatifidum absorbs formaldehyde from the air. This is used by textile factories in curtains and floor coverings, but it’s also found in gas stoves, geysers, burning candles, fireplaces, tobacco smoke and much more! Fortunately, the amount of this substance released is very little, but this plant still absorbs it for you and make your home a little cleaner!

Besides that, it’s also very nice to bring a little nature into your home. People like to go into the nature and feel close to it. But when you return to, for example, your apartment in the middle of the city, this feeling is often gone the moment you enter. How nice is if you can keep this feeling for a bit longer?

Philodendron bipinnatifidum

A great plant to get into the house is, for example, the Philodendron bipinnatifidum, which was already mentioned above as one of the plants that remove formaldehyde from the air. This tropical plant resembles a palm tree. But it doesn’t have the awkward size of it because a real palm tree is quite hard to fit into an average house. Maybe this way we can still imagine the tropical beach where we couldn't go because of Corona.

The Philodendron bipinnatifidum is a strong plant that grows nicely large. The leaves have a nice form of development which I will show in a number of pictures below. I for one adore the way the new leaves grow and its super fun to get home and check if they have grown even an inch! The bipinnatifidum grows upwards from the stem. A kind of membrane emerges from the center of the stem from which the stem starts to grow. Then the curled leaves gently unfold into a stretched leaf. When the stem has grown large enough you will see that they’re nice and thick and the leaves have a dark green color.

Besides the bipinnatifidum, there are many other Philodendron species such as the Philodendron Hastatum and even the Monstera minima is a relative of this plant.

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