Four reasons why Bambino's are perfect

You would not be shocked if we tell you that there are plants in many shapes and sizes of plants, also in our collection. The range consists of plants in pot size 5.5 cm to sometimes 27 cm, and different sizes in between. We have a special collection for our plants in pot size 5.5 cm; Bambino’s. These little, cute plants have already stolen many hearts. But why should you choose small houseplants? We give you a few reasons.

1. You see your plants grow into mature plants

Of course, our Bambino’s don’t always stay small. You can test your plant dad or plant mom skills with our Bambino’s. Because with your good care they can grow into mature plants. Watching plants grow is a super fun process. And believe us; big Bambino’s are still beautiful.

2. There is always room in your house

As the name suggests, our Bambino’s are small plants and therefore do not take up much space. Do you have a small piece left next to your other plants where no larger plant fits? Or are you not really fond of large plants and would you rather have small plants at home? Bambino’s brighten up any room, even the smallest ones. They also look nice on coffee tables.

3. You could place more plants in your house

It is probably every plant lover’s dream: a house full of different plants. With our Bambino’s you can realise this dream. Because our Bambino’s have cultivation pots of 5.5 cm, they are real minis. A single plant may not make much of an impression, but imagine putting a lot of Bambino’s together. This way you can transform your Bambino’s into real eyecatchers.

4. They are perfect gifts

Are you going to visit a friend and do not want to bring flowers? Everyone has room for a small houseplant. And what’s more, houseplants generally last longer than the average flower bouquet. Bambino’s are also very suitable for a table arrangement, for example at Christmas or a wedding. Do you have something to celebrate and want to give your guest a keepsake? Even then Bambino’s are perfect.


Are you curious about our Bambino’s? Check out some plantpagina’s for inspiration and tips about nursing the plants. You check out the following pages for example: Fittonia verschaffeltii, Crassula minor, Senecio cephalophorus or Delosperma echinatum

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