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Style your home to Autumn

The leaves are falling from the trees and days are getting colder and shorter. Autumn has started again, which means that we turn our house into a warm place again where we come home in the evening after a long day. The days seem to be getting shorter again because it gets dark earlier, but that means we can make it cozy inside again! The plants not only want a nice place in your living room but they will also be cared for differently in the autumn. In this blog, we give you tips for styling and caring for your plants.

Make it cosy

To get your house into a cozy atmosphere, it is nice to place many plants together. Different types and sizes provide a playful effect, but also a nice color palette. In combination with nice candles and vases, you can turn your home into a warm place! The different plant pots in other colors and sizes also make it look like a very cheerful whole. See below the first photos of our photoshoot, get your inspiration from this fall!

Styling planten Smit Kwekerijen
Sfeerbeeld planten

Highs and Lows

Another fun styling tip for your home is playing with different heights of plants. Place large and small plants together to create depth in your interior. In the photos, for example, we have put different pot sizes together or made use of raised standards, so the different plants look very playful together. The photos show 5.5 cm plants mixed with 15 cm plants, also placed at different elevations.

Calm down

In the spring, the care of the plants is also different, in the summer the plant is very thirsty and you give them relatively more water. In the autumn, the plant wants to have more rest, so you should water the plants much less. Also make sure that the plants are not in too cold a place, for example, this can be in a draft. You also have to make sure that the plant is not above the heating because then the humidity is very low. If only it could forever stay summer ;).

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