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It has been a while since a blog appeared on this page. Today we would like to tell you more about the MAZE plants. Very special plants, namely the Hydnophytum papuanum and the Myrmecodia beccarii. Do you already know this plant?

The story of these plants

The Hydnophytum papuanum and Myrmecodia beccarii are tropical plants that are found in much of Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. These plants are a miracle of nature and hold a great secret. Namely in the tuber of these plants are all corridors, a real maze. If you cut the tuber, you could see it. We have done this for you, so that you can continue to enjoy your beautiful plant without cutting it.

Photo credits: Mama Botanica

The tuber is a thickening of the stem and is therefore not technically a real tuber. I hear you thinking, why are there corridors in this tuber? In the tropics, tropical ants live in these plants. The plant and the ants live together and help each other. They help each other with nutrition and protection. Special isn't it? There are no tropical ants in the Netherlands, so there will be no ants in these plants when you have them in your home. The corridors are empty and form a system, the maze. For us, the maze plant is a mysterious natural phenomenon that gives our living rooms tropical atmospheres.


The Mazeplant needs water once a week. The soil needs to be slightly damp constantly, but must not be wet. This plant is a slow grower and therefore needs little nutrition. The Mazeplant may have light, but not direct sunlight.

Do you want to know more about these plants and their care? Then watch this video (in Dutch) that plant lover Mama Botanica made about it.

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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