Microsorum crocodyllus

Plants with a story

Some plants are so special and therefore deserve their own story! These “special plants” from our Eden Collection are called “Eden Specials”. Do you already know or maybe even own some of these plants from our collection?  The Chinese Moneymaker, the Pickle plant or the Polka Dot are samples of the plants from the Eden Specials family. You can read more about the stories of these plants on our plant page!

We recently launched two new specials with an unique story. Are you curious about these new plants? We will tell you more about them in this blog!

Microsorum Crocodyllus

The Microsorum crocodyllus is a tropical plant that originally comes frot he South East part of Asia. The leaves of this plant have the appearance of a crocodile. The color and shape of the veins create a remarkable resemblance with the cocodile’s skin. This is also the reason of his nickname the Croco Loco! The Croco Loco is easy to maintain but cannot stand in full sun. You can give a little nutrition so the plant holds is beautiful green color. Did you know the leaves of this beauty can grow as large as 39 inches?!

For more information you could visit the special plant page. You could also find care tips about this plant on this page.

Begonia cane Hotspot

The Begonia cane Hotspot originally comes from warm, humid and jungle-like environments. The plant can grow very large! If you let him this plant can get up to 118 inches long! The leaves of the plant are full of dots which makes this plant so special, it’s like there are hotspots full of these dots on the leaf. Can you guess where the name Begonia cane Hotspot comes from? Plants connect with you; this also goes for the Begonia cane Hotspot. Will you let it be your connection with nature?

Within the next few weeks, we will show you more about these plants on Facebook and Instagram, so keep an eye on them and let us know what you think about these plants!

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