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Summer Collection - Echeveria Pearl van Neurenberg

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The Summer Collection is a special outdoor collection of the Eden Collection. This collection consists of six plants that have been carefully selected with respect to colder temperatures that the plants need to deal with if they are kept outside. The Summer Collection is suitable for keeping outdoors from early spring until late autumn. This especially chosen selection of plants provide a real addition to terraces, on your balcony or veranda.

These plants are very easy to care for, they do not need a lot of water. In addition, their neutral and timeless appearance suits any interior decor! A suitable gift for family or friends or also fun to spoil yourself with. You can choose between the following six varieties: Cotyledon ladysmithiensis, Crassula marginalis, Echeveria pelusida, Kalanchoƫ thyrsiflora and Sinocrassula yunnanensis.

Echeveria Pearl van Neurenberg 23 cm close-up


The Echeveria plants originate from Mexico and belong to the succulents family. They have fleshy, succulent leaves in which they can store water for periods to come, making them good at withstanding drought. Their leaves grow in a rosette shape. There are many different varieties of Echeveria. In the Eden Summer Collection you can select from the Echeveria Pearl from Nuremberg and the Echeveria Pelusida. Both presentations are particularly nice due to the colour of the rosettes; if you prefer purple and pink to green, opt for the Echeveria Pearl from Nuremberg that has lovely purple-pink leaves. A cheerful addition to your garden!

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