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Pilea depressa Sao Paulo - Magnefique

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icon-temperature 12-25 Temperature
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Pot size 12 cm
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The Pilea depressa sao paulo has small dark green leaves that compactly grow on the pot. The playful character of the small leaves make this plant a real must-have for your living room. Give the plant a well-lit spot or some shade, because the plant cannot tolerate full sun. This plant also needs water every week because the soils must stay constantly moist for it to grow well. If you prefer a different colour, you can also opt for the Pilea depressa or the Pilea glauca.

This lovely plant is originally from Mexico.

Pilea depressa Sao Paulo


The Pilea family is a relatively small plant family that originates in Mid and Tropical America. The Eden Collection includes three Pilea varieties; Pilea depressa, Pilea depressa sao paulo and Pilea glauca. All three are characterised by their own distinguishing colours.  


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