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Muehlenbeckia maori - Maori Moments

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Muehlenbeckia Maori originally comes from the colder mountain regions of New Zealand. By applying a special cultivation process during the development of this plant, it can now also grow well in living rooms. The plant can also stay outside, even to -5°C, which is unique for indoor plants in the Eden Collection. It does need plenty of water if kept in a warm living room. Beware of direct sunlight; they are sensitive to this because they can burn.

Muehlenbeckia maori


Muehlenbeckia originally comes from the southern hemisphere, namely from New Zealand, but this green indoor plant also grows in South America, Papua-New-Guinea and Australia. These plants can also be found in the northern hemisphere. Birds but also people have transferred these plants to other regions because they also can grow wherever there is no frost.


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Muehlenbeckia maori - Maori Moments Muehlenbeckia