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Kalanchoe beharensis – Silver Shadow

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icon-water 1x 2wk Water
icon-sun direct Light
icon-temperature 12-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 5,5 cm,12 cm
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This light green Kalanchoe with a greyish haze has pointed leaves. The leaves are thick and felt-like with serrated edges. At 
the bottom the leaf is arched, making it look like elephant ears; hence the nickname 'Elephant ear'.

The soil around the Kalanchoe must be dried between the irrigation cycles before water is given again. Prevent the soil from 
getting too wet. The Kalanchoe can be in direct sunlight or in the shade. The leaves will get a red glow if the plant receives a lot of natural light. If the plant has a spot more in the dark, the leaves become more darker in color.

The Kalanchoe is native to Madagascar and occurs there in the dry areas and desert. The name "Beharensis" is derived from the 
city of Behara in South Madagascar.
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Kalanchoe belongs to the succulents family and counts 125 known species. The plants are mainly found in the warm parts of the world, such as South East Africa and Asia. The plants are very strong because they can store water in the leaves. This allows them for a long time without water and it is not bad if you forget them for a week.

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Kalanchoe beharensis – Silver Shadow Kalanchoe