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Hylocereus undatus - Macho Milano

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The Hylocereus undatus is a unique plant because it resembles a cactus with small spikes. It only looks like that; it is a touch-friendly plant and is therefore very popular. The Hylocereus produces numerous stems that can grow to 6-12 cm in length. As this plant matures, it can produce fruit. These fruits are called pitaya or dragon fruit. The stems are triangular and produce air roots by which they can climb trees. This plant likes a well-lit spot. Water this plant once every week.

This plant is originally from Thailand.

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Hylocereus is a species that belongs to the cactus-family, often described as a night flowering cactus. This term is also used for many other cacti.

Different Hylocereus varieties have large edible fruits that are known as pitaya or dragon fruits.

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Hylocereus undatus - Macho Milano Hylocereus