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Bottle - Cactus florida

Message in a bottle
icon-water 1x 3wk Water
icon-sun direct Light
icon-temperature 12-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x py Nutrition
Pot size 7,5 cm
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Ideal for industrial, jungle, minimalism, retro Style
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From all wind directions in the world, plants wash up in their own little biotope. The ‘Message in a bottle’ fits in perfectly with the global feeling that Eden Collection wants to create. The ‘Message in a bottle’ is the perfect product to give to someone, but of course to spoil yourself with also. The different plants are very hardy and easy to care for. They only need a few drops of water to stay happy. Robust glassware creates a cool, trendy yet timeless look that suits any interior decor!

You have plenty of choice to select from the following seven varieties: Cactus Florida, Crassula tenelli, Delosperma echinatum, Haworthia attenuata, Rhipsalis mesembryantemum and Senecio stapeliaeformis.

Are you unable to choose? Not a problem; the bottles also look great as a collection of two, three or four different bottles together for instance.

Cactus florida 7,5 cm close-up


Cactus florida belongs to the family of the Cactus and contains many species. The cactus is a succulent which means that this plant can store water in the leaves and therefore do not need much water. The Cactus florida can also stand in full sun and loves warmth.

The Cactus florida likes to be in a bright spot and likes to absorb a few drops every three weeks to stay happy. If you meet these requirements, you enjoy a long time this Message in a bottle!

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