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Aloe spider - Jurassic Spider

icon-water 1x 2wk Water
icon-sun direct Light
icon-temperature 12-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 10,5 cm
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The Aloe spider has a striking appearance. Its light green leaves have a pattern with various green hues. They love bright sunny spots in the home and are accustomed to surviving in a dry environment so they do not need much water. They can store water very effectively in their fleshy leaves.

This plant is originally from Namibia.

Aloe spider


The Aloe family consists of flowering succulent plants that include about three hundred different varieties. The name Aloe probably comes from the Arabian word ‘alloeh’ which means ‘bitter substance’. These plants are stiff and rough, and mainly consist of a rosette of large, thick, fleshy leaves. The leaves are generally quite sharp with thorny edges. These plants can be of very different sizes. Its natural habitat region is limited to Africa: from South Africa to tropical Africa, and neighbouring regions such as Madagascar, the Arabian peninsula and several African Islands.


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Aloe spider - Jurassic Spider Aloe
Aloe paradisicum - Jurassic Dino Aloe