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Tradescantia zebrina Compacta ®

icon-water 1x wk Water
icon-sun direct Light
icon-temperature 15-25 Temperature
icon-nutriments 1x pm Nutrition
Pot size 10,5 cm
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Ideal for retro Style
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Our Advise

The Tradescantia zebrina compacta is an unique indoor plant due to its colourful leaves. On the inside the leaves are green-silvery with a purple edge. This makes this plant stand out clearly from other green indoor plants. The Tradescantia zebrina compacta has smaller leaves than the Tradescantia zebrina which makes it even more special. This is a very strong plant that can tolerate full sun; water it regularly.

This plant is originally from Colombia.




Tradescantia is a species of about 70 varieties of remaining plants in the family of Commelinaceae. These plants mostly grow in stretches of South Canadian to Northern Argentinian regions; mainly in wooded areas and in fields. They grow individually as well as in groups. Their leaves are long, narrow grass-like and spike shaped. The Eden Collection includes the Tradescantia zebrina, Tradescantia Nanouk and Tradescantia zebrina compacta.

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