Groene kamerplant in interieur

Christmas tree out, houseplant in

There are two types of people: those who prefer having the Christmas tree up 365 days a year and are sad when Christmas is over, and those who take down the Christmas tree on the 27th of December. It does not matter which one you are, fact is that there is a gaping hole in your living room now the Christmas tree is down. Luckily we have the solution: a houseplant. Because what better way to start the new year with a new houseplant? Bye bye Christmas tree, hello houseplant!

Plant have many advantages you already know. But did you know plants are also a great asset for your interior? You could see them as accessories. It does not matter if your house if purple or fully white, there is always a plant for you. 

Groene kamerplanten op kast

10 special houseplants

No matter the size or location of your space, you are sure to find you the perfect plant. There are many plant species with different sizes and colours. Maybe you are not able to see the wood for the trees and are in doubt about which plant you should buy. We have listed ten of our favourites to help you.

  1. Chlorophrytum Ocean
  2. Pilea peperomioides
  3. Fittonia verschaffeltii
  4. Alocasia Regal Shields
  5. Peperomia argyreia
  6. Peperomia Burning Bush
  7. Senecio Himalaya
  8. Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole
  9. Monstera minima
  10. Pilea depressa Sao Paulo

Are you looking for another plant? Take a look at our plant page, or check which plant matches your interior style ! We are curious with which plant you will start 2022. Will you send us a picture?

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