The style of your home is

The style of your home is
There are a lot of plants, but how do you choose the most beautiful one for your interior? We'll gladly help you with our 'interior picker'. Choose the style that fits your home the most and take a look at the Eden Collection plants that suit you best!


Bright colors, patterns and round tables. Does your interior have these characteristics or is it all the way retro? Then you shouldn't be missing out on these plants! Look at how these plants would fit your interior.


Are you more into the minimalistic interiors? Maybe you don't want to fill your house with to much stuff, but a good green plant will always fit a minimalistic style. Combine with a white or grey plant pot and it will fit perfectly.


Green, more green, only green! do you want to create a jungle-vibe at home? Check out what we've got for you!


Is your interior filled with wood, black steel and raw materials? add a nice green plant! We've summed up a few that would fit you nicely.