Festive plant days

At Eden Collection, the last 3 months of 2019 were about having plants in your kitchen. This month we close in style with lots of plant inspiration for your Christmas dinner table. The table we decorated is from a young couple that lives in an old school building in the city centre of Groningen, The Netherlands. Because December is quite an expensive month and because we value sustainability, we decided to reuse old things we already had at home. A nice way to give your stuff a second life. Of course you can also borrow things from friends or family or buy some things at a thrift shop. You can use the plants you already have in your home, or you could already buy some new plants for when the Christmas tree will be out the door. This way, everyone can experience a green, festive Christmas and make it as luxurious as you want!

Plant hangers

Our first tip is to make plant hangers yourself from rope. This can just be rope that you still have somewhere in the shed or kitchen drawer. If you have a rod for above the table, you can hang different plants here with your homemade hangers. Look for the instruction for making this plant hanger on our Pinterest board! If you do not have a bar for above the table, you can also make it yourself from a strong, wooden branch and some rope. This way you get an even more natural effect! In addition to your plants in your home-made hangers, you can also hang your baubles, candles or other Christmas decorations on the rod or branch.

Plants on the table

For small plants on the table you can use old pots that you already have at home or you could buy some at a second hand store. It doesn't matter what they look like, because you are gonna paint them with spray paint. Choose a festive colour like gold, silver or bronze or go for the same colour as your baubles or other Christmas decoration. Let the pots dry well. Create some height difference by placing the pots in plantstands or on tree trunks.

Baby plants as seating arrangement

To make your table extra festive and to welcome your guests in a personal way, you can place baby plants with name tags on the plates. Use gift tags for example and attach them to the plants with rope. Write down the names of your guests and it looks nice right away! At the end of the evening your guests can take the tiny plant with them as a reminder.

Botanical candle holder

In addition to these tips for using plants in your Christmas decoration, candles should of course not be missing on the table. You can make a botanical candle holder with clear glass bottles. Add some leaves, add water and close the bottle with a dinner candle. This way your guests are beautifully lit and your plants on the table also get some extra attention. And do you still want to purchase something extra for Christmas? Then choose gold or bronze-colored cutlery, this immediately makes your table a lot more festive without purchasing a whole new set of plates and bowls.

Plant art

Our last tip is about the area around the dinner table. Place your plants somewhere else for a change or hang them instead of placing them on the ground. By hanging plants in the vicinity of a lamp, beautiful drawings can be created on the wall. With Christmas lights at home, you can immediately turn your plants into a work of art by hanging them in a striking place. For this you often do not even have to drill into the ceiling or wall (depending on your walls): use a simple screw hook for this. You often turn this into the wall or ceiling by hand. Also suitable for a rental house!

For more inspiration and do-it-yourself projects with plants, check out our Pinterest Page! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and we will be back in the New Year with more plant inspiration!

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