3 Pretty pink house plants

When people think about indoor plants, they mostly think about green plants. And we get that, because most house plants are indeed green. But plants have many other colours. Are you totally into pink and plants? Well, we have news for you, because there are a lot of pink plants! Pink-coloured plants are eyecatchers and they spice up your room! We have got some pink beauties in our assortment, check our top 3 below.

1. Callisia rosato - Pink Lady

Did we say pink? This plant definitely lives up to its name! This pink plant has little pink leaves. But if you look closer, you could see that the leaves are more pink-green coloured. The sun makes the leaves of this plant more pink. Therefore the best place to put this plant is a sunny spot. The Callisia rosato loves water, so make sure it gets enough. This plant is a real autumn plant and is also best available during that time of the year. Wanna know more about this plant? Read our special plant page.


2. Tradescantia Nanouk ®- Fantasy Venice

The Tradescantia Nanouk looks lovely, doesn’t it? With its pink-purple-green leaves it really pops out. It is a strong plant and easy to take care off. This plant loves sunlight; you could place it in direct and indirect sunlight. The Tradescantia Nanouk does not like lots of water at the same time. So water it with a small amount of water on a regular base. It is no problem if the soils feels a bit dry. And if you were wondering if this plant could get more colourful: yes it can! This Tradescantia might show pink and white flowers. Never a dull moment with the Tradescantia Nanouk! Read more about this plant on this special plant page.


Tradescantia Sweetness, Pink Plants

3. Tradescantia Sweetness

If you are in doubt whether you see double; no, you do not. De Tradescantia Sweetness is a different plant than the Tradescantia Nanouk, but they are relatives for sure! The differences between these plants are the size en thickness of the leaves: the leaves of the Tradescantia Sweetness are smaller and thinner. This plants likes a spot with lots of light and even can stand a place at a south-facing window, but it needs enough water when you place it this spot. More light means more water. This beauty does not like to get a lot water at once. Therefore you should give small amounts of water on a regular base.

Do you need more pink plant inspiration? Check the hashtags #pinkplants and #onwednesdayweplantpink on Instagram. We bet you’d rather have a pink beauty at your home right now!

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