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The Eden Specials in the spotlight, have you ever spotted them?

Each plant is unique in its own way, but some are just a little more special than others. In the case of the Eden Collection, a separate group has been created for these more special plants, namely the Eden Specials. The Eden Specials collection contains all kinds of unique plants that stand out on their own or tell a story. We highlight several Eden Specials, including the Delosperma echinatum , which is discussed in more detail. This pickle plant is the plant of April, how nice is that?

Special touch

In the Eden Collection, we have different plants that together form the Eden Specials. The Eden Specials collection is a collection of plants that tell a strong story in their own right. At the moment there are eight Eden Specials, including the Pilea Peperomioides -better known as the Chinese Moneymaker- that started the idea of the Eden Specials! The plant is so named because of the shape of its leaves. When the pancake plant started to become a hit in the Netherlands, we wanted to give the pancake plant a special place, hence the Eden Specials!

Eden Specials

The Eden Specials, therefore, consist of all kinds of different plants that tell a story in themselves, other plants that also belong to this are, for example, Begonia maculata and the Senecio peregrinus. The Begonia maculata is also called the Polka Dot, and you can already guess where this name comes from, namely the beautiful dots on the leaf. The Polka Dot is the second plant to complement the Eden Specials line. The plant is very unique in itself. And the Senecio peregrinus is better known as the Jumping Dolphin because the leaves are shaped like jumping dolphins. It just comes down to the fact that all unique, striking, or crazy plants fit very well in the Eden Specials. The Delosperma echinatum is a plant that should not be missing from this list and we are happy to tell you more about this special plant.

You can hug me

The Delosperma echinatum is the plant of the month for April, and is also called the Pickle plant! The Pickle plant owes its name to the leaves that have the shape of a pickle. These leaves are on average between 2.5 and 5 cm and therefore remain nice and small and compact. This plant has white hairs on its pickle leaves if you look closely. The Delosperma echinatum is a succulent plant and resembles a cactus, but nothing could be further from the truth! Because the white hairs are, in contrast to a cactus, super soft!

Our Pickle plant comes from South Africa and has many succulents in the family. Originally this plant lives very high, namely between 150 and 860 meters high *WOW*. The Delosperma echinatum can get yellow flowers on the leaves in summer. This gives the plant the cactus look.

Close-up Delosperma echinatum

Don't let me down

Do you ever forget to water the plants? Then the Delosperma echinatum and you are a match made in heaven! This gherkin plant only needs to be watered once a week, and can even go a little longer without water because the small leaves absorb moisture. This means that the plant can take a beating. The Delosperma echinatum also prefers to receive some food once a month. Nutrition ensures that the necessary nutrients are supplemented. The plant also loves the sun, so a light pitch is perfect. 

The perfect spot(s)

As mentioned above, the Delosperma echinatum likes a light spot in the house, but what are the nice places? We have listed a few for you. First of all, on the windowsill, there is always nice daylight here and the gherkin plant can enjoy the beautiful sun. But then you have to have the windowsill on the East! The Delosperma echinatum does not like full sun. In addition, the plant is also beautiful in combination with other Eden Specials such as the Senecio peregrinus, for example on a beautiful cupboard in the room. Because of the difference between the two plants, they fit nicely in contrast. The hanging plant provides the depth and the cactus content makes it a bit more of a Jungle feeling! Do you already know where you want to place the Delosperma echinatum? And which other Eden Special would you combine your styling with? For more Eden Specials and other Eden plants, follow us on Instagram.

Delosperma echinatum

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