Begonia masoniana's

The Begonia masoniana Rock as your perfect match

If you are looking for a plant with a special leaf pattern, Begonia masoniana Rock is your plant! The dark red leaf markings give this plant a unique appearance! Or well, unique... He looks a lot like his big brother Begonia masoniana Mountain ®. In addition to the leaf pattern, the Begonia masoniana Rock ® has hairs on the leaf, which provide a shine to the leaf. The difference with its big brother Begonia Mountain ® is the size of the leaves and petioles. The Begonia Rock ® remains a smaller plant with smaller leaves.

The Begonia masoniana Rock ® prefers a place with bright, indirect light. Too much direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn. It is also important to keep the potting soil slightly moist.

Begonia Mountain en Rock

I want more!

In a previous blog we wrote about the different species in the Begonia family, namely the Begonia masoniana Jungle, the Begonia masoniana River, the Begonia masoniana Rock and the Begonia masoniana MountainThis blog tells more about where these plants come from and their background stories. Have you become curious about the other Begonia masonianas? Click here for the previous blog! 

We now also post the most beautiful plants with special leaves on the socials, including the Begonia masoniana Rock! Would you also like to take a look here? Check out our photos on Instagram!

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