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The 5 most beautiful Peperomia leaves!

Wow, do you recognize the leaves of these Peperomias? Some colors or shapes are really characteristic of the plants, such as the Peperomia argyreia, better known as the watermelon plant. There are currently over 20 Peperomias in the Eden Collection, with new ones added regularly! We've put together our favorites for you to show you the real difference. Can you distinguish them? In addition to our old favorites, there is also a new addition, namely the Peperomia Sunrise. This is also our plant of the month for June, we want to tell you more about these Peperomias.

1. Peperomia Sunrise

First of all, the newest addition to the Peperomia collection, namely the Peperomia Sunrise! We are putting this plant, aptly named, in the spotlight this month. Did you know that the Peperomia Sunrise, like many other plants, has been bred by Eden Collection itself? The Peperomia Sunrise stands out because the bottom and top have different colors! The top is light grey/silver and the underside is pink/red in color. The plant can lose its color if it is placed in a place that is too dark, but despite its name, the Peperomia Sunrise cannot withstand direct sunlight. When the Peperomia Sunrise is in direct sun, the leaves turn yellow, and that is of course a waste of this beautiful contrast! That's why a light pitch is important!

Peperomia Sunrise

2. Peperomia argyreia

Peperomia argyreia

The Peperomia argyreia is certainly one of our favorites and has a unique appearance. The leaves are very similar to watermelons, hence its nickname! The gray glow with dark stripes on a round leaf makes it look like a watermelon, funny right? This Peperomia argyreia is very similar to the Peperomia Ice Queen to the left of the watermelon plant, yet the color of the Ice Queen is much grayer with less clear stripes. We can't choose…

3. Peperomia Obtipan Bicolor

Peperomia Obtipan Bicolor

Another Peperomia that has been in the Eden Collection for a while is the Peperomia Obtipan Bicolor, the colors of this leaf are so unique and really stand out next to all the other leaves. The yellowish color with a green inside is a nice color combination, and if you look closely you can see a pink/red border around the leaf! The Peperomia Obtiban Bicolor is the brother of the green Peperomia Obtipan, they have the same leaf shapes but different color combinations.  

4. Peperomia pepperspot

Peperomia pepperspot

Another favorite of ours is the Peperomia pepperspot, because of the leaves that fall like strings along the pot. This plant is also called the Green Coins because the leaves are shaped like coins! With the contrast between the dark green leaves and a red back and stems, this plant is not to be missed in this list of ''most beautiful Peperomia leaves''. Most Peperomia species have a compact growth, so that the plants have a bulb-like growth, but the Peperomia pepperspot, just like the Peperomia rotundifolia, also has thin, stringy stems.

5. Peperomia Burbella

Peperomia Burbella

And last in our selection of the most beautiful Peperomia leaves is the Peperomia Burbella. This plant immediately stands out because of the ridges on its round, gray leaves that have a dark vein. The leaf reminds us a lot of wrinkles, don't you think? Luckely our wrinkles don't look like that :). 

Have you become curious about the various other Peperomias? Check them out here, or check our Instagram where we put many other Peperomias in the spotlight this month! 

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