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The 5 most beautiful hanging plants for your home or workplace

Is your house already full of plants, but you still have the feeling that more plants need to be added? Then hanging plants are the perfect addition to your jungle house! Not only do you save space by using hanging plants, but it also creates atmosphere. Because you can hang or place the plants in all high places, you make it a lot more cozy in the empty places. And the nice thing is that hanging plants also come in all different colors and types, we have listed our 5 most beautiful hanging plants for your home or workplace.  

Senecio peregrinus

Senecio peregrinus

First of all, the Senecio peregrinus, a splash of a plant that is also better known as the Jumping Dolphin! This is because of the shape of the leaves that resemble jumping dolphins, how cute?! Not only is this hanging plant an eye-catcher in your home, it is also very maintenance-friendly! The dolphin plant is a succulent, so it does not want too much water. The plant likes filtered light, so the Jumping Dolphin is perfect for high places such as on cupboards where there is a lot of indirect light.

Senecio rowleyanus

Another hanging plant that is also popular is the Senecio rowleyanus, better known as String of Pearls. Did you know that when the pearl is big and shiny, the plant has enough moisture, and when it is shriveled the plant needs water…. Useful! You have to be careful not to water this plant too much. Therefore, do not water too often. This Senecio is also a succulent and can withstand drought well. The pea plant also likes a lot of light. Because of its long strings, the Senecio rowleyanus is therefore also beautiful to place in high light places!  

Hangplanten Senecio Rowleyanus, Hoya Krimson Queen - Eden Collection

Tradescantia Zebrina

A plant that you can put in a sunny spot is the Tradescantia zebrina. The plant is very strong and likes the sun! The purple colors give the plant a tropical look, which fits perfectly with the Jungle feeling in your home. A place on the windowsill where the plant can fall nicely over the edge is therefore perfect for the Tradescantia zebrina. Have you ever had plants with a color in your house?

Peperomia angulata Rocca Scuro

The next plant is a real Jungle asset! Originally from Peru, the Peperomia angulata Rocca Scuro is a beauty with dark green leaves. These leaves have beautiful stripes that make a striking contrast. The Rocca Scuro likes the shade and wants to water every week to stay green. That's why you can place this plant on any high surface, perfect for the corners that could use a boost!

Peperomia pepperspot

Eden Collection hangplanten - Peperomia pepperspot

The Peperomia pepperspot certainly belongs to the list of beautiful hanging plants! This plant is also better known as the Green Coins because of the shape of the leaves. With a green top and red back and stem, the plant is really the apple of the eye! The plant is native to the Amazon region, where it is warm and shady. That is why the plant also likes a place where there is a lot of indirect sunlight to absorb heat! How nice would this plant hang in your living room or kitchen?

Hang on a little longer!

Not only do hanging plants give your home more dimension, they also give many more options to mix and combine different plants! With these hanging plants your house can be transformed into a cozy Urban Jungle. Have you become a fan of different hanging plants and would you like to see even more hanging plants? Check out our Instagram where we show even more hanging plants this month!

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