Tradescantia Nanouk, Tradescantia Sweetness en Callisia Rosato

Cute Pink Plants

If you are a fan of plants with sweet little leaves, then look no further. The Tradescantia Sweetness ® is your plant! Due to the pink color on the leaves, this plant brightens up any room and is a real eye-catcher! This ''Cute Pink Plant'' is also our plant of the month for September! We're kicking off the fall with a colorful copy!

The Tradescantia Sweetness ® looks a bit like the Tradescantia Nanouk ®. The leaves of the Tradescantia Sweetness ® are just more compact and thinner, which means you get a special plant.

This plant likes a light spot and can even face south, provided it gets enough water. More light means more water, less light means less water. This pink beauty doesn't like to get a lot of water in one sitting. Therefore, regularly give small shoots of water.  

Tradescantia Sweetness, Pink Plants

Who's that cutie?

This month the Tradescantia Sweetness is the plant of September, this is a really cute plant with its pink leaves. It belongs to our collection with Pink Plants, including the Tradescantia Sweetness, Tradescantia Nanouk, and the Callisia Rosato! That's why we now have CUTE plants in the spotlight on the Socials this month! Check out our Instagram to spot the cuties this month!

Have you also become curious about the other pink plants from the Eden Collection? Read here the blog about our pink houseplants 

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