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Countdown to 2023

Wow, what a year this has been! An eventful year in which a lot has happened and a lot has changed. 2022 was a year with many peaks and valleys, but we are so happy to have experienced this with you! Also this year we were able to make you happy with various beautiful plants, many golden old ones, but also a number of new ones. A number of plants really jumped out for you! To end this year with a success, we will count down from ten to one of our best-selling plants of 2022!


We start our countdown with the Parthenocissus Striata, a beautiful plant with small flower-shaped leaves. Of course, it shines in our top 10 plants, because it is so cute with the long wispy leaves. This plant is also really a perfect hanging plant because the leaves are so long and hang over the pot. The nickname of the Parthenocissus Striata is in Dutch the Sugar Grape, and in English the Verona Vein because it has sugary grains at the bottom of the leaves!


Tradescantia zebrina compacta, Peperomia verticillata Red Log, Chlorophtum Bonnie (1)

The Tradescantia Zebrina Compacta is a unique houseplant because of its colorful leaves. The unique color combination from green silver to purple is not what we are used to from plants. The difference with the Tradescantia Zebrina is that the Compacta has smaller and greener leaves! Yet they are very similar.


Coming in at number eight we have the Pilea depressa Sao Paulo, which is also a hanging plant in addition to a houseplant! The dark green leaves of this cute plant hang down over the edges. These leaves also resemble a flower, which makes the Pilea depressa Sao Paulo even more fun! Did you know that this plant comes from Mexico?


Next one in our ranking list is the Peperomia rotundifolia! The Peperomia rotundifolia has sweet, small, round leaves that grow on the tendrils of the plant. These plants are very suitable for hanging concepts and tall decorative pots.


With the deep red colors of the Peperomia Rosso , it stands out nicely in this list! He is not only a favorite of ours but also of you. The underside of the leaf has a dark red color that makes the pointed leaf stand out. The Rosso doesn't want to be in direct sunlight, but that doesn't make it shine less in this list!


We're already halfway there! At number five we have the Peperomia obtusifolia green, , with its leather-like leaves. Did you know that these leaves are very good at storing water? That's why this beauty is also a succulent! The dark green colors of the leaves have a very nice shine, if that isn't a showstopper for number five! The Peperomia obtusifolia likes to be in direct sunlight, and with the water-retaining leaves it can withstand that well! A real reliable plant if you ask us!


No Mountain is too high for our number four on the list, the Senecio Himalaya stands out above that! With its grassy character, the Mountain Grass is a playful plant. No wonder he is called that! This plant is not only playful, but it also needs almost no water, to speak of maintenance-free!


De Sedum Tornado blows into the top 3! With a variety of light and dark green leaves with their round shape on a red stem, isn't this a very cute plant? A shiny third place for the Tornado! The Sedum Tornado doesn't need that much water at all to stay beautiful, so it's no wonder that this plant is popular!


And then we have already arrived at number two, the Senecio Cephalophorus stands out among all the other plants with its gray glow! The unique shape of the leaves in combination with the gray color makes this a huge eye-catcher in your interior. Did you know that this beauty can also get flowers over the years? How cute is that…


Then we have already arrived at the last of the list, number one! This is without a doubt the Chlorophytum Ocean, an absolute favorite! A strong plant with a unique character, with its green leaves enveloped by white outlines that stand out enormously. Not only did he stand out to us, but also to you! The justified winner of our 2022 plants top 10!

Phew… What a top 10 filled with beautiful, different plants! Hopefully you enjoyed the plants just like us this year and we look forward to a beautiful 2023! Happy New Year and a happy 2023! 

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