Eden Collection

Message in a bottle

Apart from the large Eden Collection diversity of green indoor plants, the ‘Message in a bottle’ concept has evolved.

From all around the world, plants wash up in their own little biotope. The ‘Message in a bottle’ fits in perfectly with the global feeling that Eden Collection wants to create. The ‘Message in a bottle’ is the perfect product to give to someone, but of course to spoil yourself with also. The different plants are very easy to care for (a few drops every three weeks) and are therefore also very tough.

Robust glassware creates a cool, trendy yet timeless look that suits any interior decor!

Fotografie door: StappenGroningen.nl
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Bottle - Senecio stapeliaeformis Message in a bottle
Bottle - Cactus florida Message in a bottle
Bottle - Crassula tenelli Message in a bottle
Bottle - Delosperma echinatum Message in a bottle
Bottle - Rhipsalis mesembryantemum Message in a bottle
Bottle - Haworthia attenuata Message in a bottle

Summer Collection

The Summer Collection is a special outdoor collection of the Eden Collection. This collection consists of six plants that have been carefully selected to cope with the colder temperatures that the plants may experience when they are kept outside.

The Summer Collection is suitable for keeping outside starting from early spring until late autumn. This especially chosen selection of plants provides a real addition to any terrace, your balcony or veranda. The plants are very easy to care for as they do not require much watering.

In addition, their neutral and timeless appearance compliments any interior! A lovely gift for family or friends or just to enjoy spoiling yourself.

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Summer Collection - Cotyledon ladysmithiensis Seasonals
Summer Collection - Kalanchoe thyrsiflora Summer Collection
Summer Collection - Crassula marginalis Summer Collection
Summer Collection - Sinocrassula yunnanensis - Seasonals
Summer Collection - Echeveria Pearl van Neurenberg Seasonals
Summer Collection - Echeveria pelusida Seasonals