Begonia masoniana Mountain op tafel in interieur

Begonia masoniana

Part of our Eden specials collection is the Begonia masoniana. The Begonia masoniana consist of 4 different plants called the Begonia masoniana Jungle, Begonia masoniana River, Begonia masoniana Rock and the Begonia masoniana Mountain.
Each of them has their own story, let’s go on their journey together in this blog.

The journey to these beautiful plants

jungle, next to the lonely rock where the jungle becomes a quiet lake. A mystical spot in the shadow of a great mountain. It was as if we had discovered buried treasure on a map marked with a red X.

After a long search through the jungle, the plants are brought back to the nursery. There, the properties of the plant are examined with the goal of transforming it into a houseplant. Creating a plant suitable for your living room often takes several years. But a bit of jungle in your home is certainly worth the wait.

The Begonia masoniana Quiet Mountain

The Begonia masoniana Mountain is one of the four masoniana Begonias from the Eden Collection. The Begonia Mountain is a striking plant due to the special drawing on the leaf and the deep red edge of the leaf. What also makes this plant special are the hairs that grow on the leaves. When the sun shines on the leaves, an unique gloss arises. Discover the beauty of the world by bringing this plant inside your home. 

The Begonia masoniana Lonely Rock

The Begonia masoniana Rock is the smaller variant of the Begonia masoniana Mountain. Both plants are striking due to the special leaf drawing and red border around the leaf. The Begonia Rock also has hairs that provide an unique shine on the leaves. The big difference with his big brother Mountain is the size of the leaves and the stems. The Begonia Rock remains a smaller plant with smaller leaves. 

Begonia masoniana Jungle in interieur

The Begonia masoniana Hungry Jungle

Discover the world by bringing this plant into your home! What makes this plant so special is the texture of the leaf and the height differences of the leaf stems. The hairs that grow on the leaves give the plant an unique shine. 

Begonina masoniana River in interieur

The Begonia masoniana Angry River

he height differences of the leaf stems. These characteristics ensure that you get an unique plant in your home.

How to care of these plants

The Begonia masonianas prefer a spot with clear, indirect light since too much direct sunlight can cause sunburn on the leaves. It is important to keep the soil slightly moist. Watering a little every week is enough.

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