Senecio cephalophorus ® - Vesuvius Flavours
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PBR code Senecio cephalophorus ‘Fuji’

About Senecio cephalophorus ®
Senecio cephalophorus ® has unique blue-grey leaves that range from deep blue to grey-green. The leaves have a specific shape that provide you with a real eye catcher in your home. This plant can also flower as it grows older; it is hardy and requires little care.

Our advise

This plant is very strong and does not need much care. Place this plant in a sunny corner and keep its soil fairly dry.
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The Senecio genus includes about 100 succulents that are better known by their old name ‘kleinia’ which is nowadays used as sub-generic name. Eden Collection has a wide variety of Senecio succulants who all have their own, unique characteristics. Some of them are hanging plants. The Senecio family is a succulant family, plants that belong to this family are very strong and require little care.

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