Philodendron bipinnatifidum
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About Philodendron bipinnatifidum
The Philodendron bipinnatifidum looks a bit like a palm because of the lancet-shaped leaves it has. The leaf can grow 1 to 1,5 meters big. This Philodendron is not a tree climber, which many other plants in this family are, but it can sprout high up in trees. The aerial roots can grow all the way to the ground.

Our advise

During the growing season (spring and summer) the soil may be moist, in winter less moist. This plant loves a lot of light, but not direct sunlight. High humidity is nice but not absolutely necessary.


The Philodendron family is a race from the arum family. The Philodendron is originally from the tropical forests of Middle and South America. There are hundreds of varieties. These plants live in the forests under the trees, that is why they are quite low-light tolerant. In order to still get enough light, a lot of Philodendrons vine upwards into the trees. They have aerial roots that they can use to grab onto trees, and grow in the direction of the light. The word Philodendron is Greek, a combination of philo; ‘to love’ and dendron; ‘tree’. The Philodendron has been a popular houseplant for generations.

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