Peperomia rotundifolia - Rondo Venetiano
Eden Collection
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5,5 CM, 10,5 CM, 12 CM, 15 CM

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Jungle style
About Peperomia rotundifolia
The Peperomia rotundifolia has lovely small round leaves that grow on the plants’ vines. These plants are very much suited as hanging concepts and high decorative pots. The long vines can be trimmed back. This lovely plant is originally from Peru.

Our advise

Water this plant when the soil feels dry. Avoid direct sunlight because this can cause the small leaves to burn.


The Peperomia family is a very large plant family of about 500 ornamental foliage plants and is related to the pepper plant. Most Peperomia variations originally come from the Amazon basin of South America, where they grow in warm and shaded conditions. Peperomias are easy to care for and suitable for most rooms in the home. Most plants produce a flower of a striking colour or small bell or spike flower. For the Eden Collection, the best varieties have been selected and multiple new varieties are being discovered every year and also added to the collection.

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