Hydnophytum papuanum - Maze plant
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Jungle style
About Hydnophytum papuanum
This plant is one of nature’s wonders. It brings with it a big secret: a corrider system inside the tube. In the tropics, ants live inside the tubes, they work together with the plant to get nutrition. The ants get nutrition from the plant, and the plant gets nutrition from the excrements of the ants. They live in symbiosis. However, in our living rooms they do not, the corridors are empty. The ants are gone and now the plant has a mystery inside of it: empty corridors like in a maze. The plant has become a Maze plant! Nature is full of surprises!

Our advise

The Mazeplant needs water once a week. The soil needs to be slightly damp constantly, but must not be wet. This plant is a slow grower and therefore needs little nutrition. The Mazeplant may have light, but not direct sunlight.
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The Hydnophytum papuanum is a genus of epiphytic myrmecophytes, which means literally ‘ant plant’. These plants are originally from Southeast Asia.

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