This is how your plants survive the summer

Finally, summer has come! It is the season of long days, sunny weather and – for a lot of people – the season to go on holiday. But it is also the season that your plants grow harder. And as you might know, plants need different care during summer than during winter. Do you want to know how your plants survive this summer? We have got some tips for you.


Make sure the soil does not dry completely, but also do not give them too much water. Check on a regular base if you need to water them. Did you know a lot plants don’t survive at people’s home because they get too much water? Your plants also need less water when the sunlight is less bright. Keep this in mind while watering your plants during the summer.


Lots of plants can not stand direct sunlight, especially during hot summerdays. So don’t place your plant in direct sunlight. The best way to avoid sunburn is to place your plants away from the window. But make sure they do get enough indirect sunlight.


A humidity level between 55% and 65% is not only good for your plants, but also for your health. There are different ways to increase the humidity in your room. First, you could buy a humidifier. Another option is to spray your plants. This is good for your plants, but also for the humidity in the room. But be aware that not all plants like water on its leaves, so make sure you check this before you start spraying your plants. And did you know putting your plants together raises the humidity around these plants? This is not only good for the humidity-level, but also looks beautiful.


During the summer your plants need nutrition. How much they need really depends on the plant, so you should check this before giving your plants nutrition.

Let’s go on a holiday!

Are you planning to go on a holiday? Make sure you think about your plants, because they do not survive without care. We have got the following tips for you, so you could go on holiday without worrying about your plants.

  • We said it before, but do not place your plants in direct sunlight. You could put your plants a bit further away from the windows during your holiday. But keep in mind that your plants need enough indirect sunlight, so do not put them in a dark spot.
  • Create your own water-giver. You need a bucket with water; a stool; sturdy rope made of a natural product and plants that need water. Place the bucket with water on the stool and place the plants around it. Put one end of the rope in the bucket and the other end in the soil of the plant.
  • It is also possible to buy a machine that gives your plants water. There are a lot of different types, just google it. But make sure you test this machine before you go on your holiday. This also counts for the self-build construction with robe.
  • If those options do not work for you, or you will go on your holiday for a few weeks, there is another option. Ask a neighbour to plant-sit your plants. Preferably a neighbour with knowledge about plants, but you could also ask someone with less knowledge and write down instructions of how to take care of your plants.

If your plants do not survive the summer, there is no reason to panic. Because as a plantlover you probably do not mind buying new plants. We have a large assortment of plants, check our plantpage for some inspiration.

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