Peperomia Red Canyon ® 12 cm en 15 cm op tafel

What makes these 3 Peperomias special?

The Peperomia obtusifolia is a well known plant and you could find it in many houses. This beautiful, compact plant is part of the Eden Collection for more than 25 years! But there are a few new kids on the block: Peperomia Burning Bush ® and Peperomia Red Canyon ®. Do you know the differences between these plants? If not, don’t worry! We will explain them.

Plant hunting and breeding

Our plant hunter Obed discovered a beautiful specimen of the Peperomia obtusifolia during a trip to Panama. He brought it to our nursery in the North of The Netherlands and showed it to our breeder. She started breeding this plant, which led to many species. A strict selection was then made from these species, leaving only a few. The lucky ones are: Peperomia Burning Bush ® and Peperomia Red Canyon ®.

Peperomia obtusifolia op een tafel

Peperomia obtusifolia

The Peperomia obtusifolia has dark green leathery leaves that show how a beautiful gloss. The round leaves can store water, that’s why you can call these plant a succulent. The water is stored for drier moments. This Peperomia does not grow that high, so you could say the plant shape is low. Did you know this plant is also called ‘crocodile tears’? The Peperomia obtusifolia is a strong and easy plant!

Peperomia Red Canyon ® op een tafel

Peperomia Red Canyon ®

The shape of the leaves of the Peperomia Red Canyon ® looks a bit like the leaves of Peperomia obtusofolia, but it is a completely different plant and there are many differences. First of all, the leaves of the Peperomia Red Canyon ® have a lighter shade of green and the veins are deeper. Also, the shape of the plant is different from the Peperomia obtusifolia. The last one stays low, but the Peperomia Red Canyon ® grows higher.

We saved to must remarkable difference for last. The Peperomia Red Canyon ® also owes its name to this characteristic; the red stem! How amazing is the contrast between the green leaves and dark red stem? It is also good to mention that this plant is protected by breeders’ rights under PBR-code EC-PEPE-1806. This means that it is not allowed to grow this plant without our permission.

Peperomia Burning Bush ® in een kamer

Peperomia Burning Bush ®

This beauty is also a result of the breeding proces of the Peperomia obtusifolia. What is immediately noticeable about the Peperomia Burning Bush ®, is the red edge of the leaves. The red border becomes more intense in colour with more light. But be careful, because the plant cannot stand direct sunlight. In addition, the leaves also differ in other respects from Peperomia obtusifolia and Peperomia Red Canyon ®. The leaves are smaller, have less conspicuous veins and the colour is darker.

Just like the Peperomia Red Canyon ®, the Peperomia Burning Bush ® has a tall plant shape. The stem of this plant has a brown colour. The Peperomia Burning Bush ® is also protected by plant breeders' rights, namely with PBR code EC-PEPE-2103.

Verzorging van deze bijzondere Peperomia soorten

Both Peperomia obtusifolia, Peperomia Red Canyon ® and Peperomia Burning Bush ® like a lot of light, but absolutely not direct sunlight. Too much direct sunlight can cause the plant to develop yellow leaves. Therefore, place these three Peperomia species in a place with indirect sunlight. In addition, these plants do not need too much water. Therefore, regularly give a small amount of water.

Now that you know what distinguishes these three Peperomia varieties from each other, we are very curious which of the three is your favourite. And do you want to know more about these or other plants? Send us a message via Instagram!

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