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As plant lover you probably can recognise the next scenario. Imagine that every spot in your home is taken by the most beautiful plants. Every dresser, table and even spots on the floor. But you still think your home is not green enough. But we have a solution for you: hanging plants. Because there is always a spot left for more plants. Hanging plants have many advantages, which we are happy to tell you more about.

1. Hanging plants are suitable for many spots at your home. Do you have a spot left close to a window? This might be a perfect place for a hanging plant. Another pretty spot for hanging plants is on top of a cupboard. Keep in mind that not all plants are suitable for every place, so check the light requirements of the plants before buying some.

2. As you might know, plants bring joy in to homes. But hanging plants might be that extra joy that you want. Especially when combining different hanging plants. And also important: they create that jungle-vibe in your homes. We can’t promise you that Tarzan and Jane stay away when having hanging plants in your home ;-)

3. You just have to google ‘plant hanger’ and you find many stores that sell them. But isn’t it more fun to create one yourself? Macrame plant hangers are the trend of this moment. You can find lots of inspiration for making your own plant hanger at Pinterest, but YouTube is also full of tutorials which explain step by step how to make a beautiful macrame hanger. You could make it as expensive and hard as you want. 

Hanging beauties from the Eden Collection

We keep expanding our range of hanging plants. That is why there is always a suitable hanging plant for everybody. Below we highlight some of our favourites.

Ceropegia woodii 
De Ceropegia woodii heeft als bijnaam ‘String of Hearts’, welke hij te danken heeft aan de prachtige hartvormige bladeren. U kunt deze plant ook kennen als Chinees Lantaarnplantje; de bloem van de plant lijkt namelijk op een Chinese lantaarn.

Parthenocissus amazonica
Have you seen the stunning leaves of the Parthenocissus amazonica? This plant is a beautiful hanging plant with small leaves. In nature this plant is a climber. We think this plant is a real eyecatcher!

Senecio rowleyanus
The Senecio rowleyanus is also called ‘String of pearls’, because of the pearl-shaped leaves. This plant is a succulant and because of that, it can withstand drought very well. Also this hanging plant looks amazing in every home.

There are many more hanging plants in our assortment! For example Peperomia angulata Rocca Scuro, Pilea depressa Sao Paulo and Pilea glauca.

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