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Tradescantia Nanouk, Tradescantia Sweetness en Callisia Rosato

Cute Pink Plants

Als je fan bent van planten met lieve kleine bladeren, zoek dan niet verder. De Tradescantia Sweetness ® is dan jouw plant! Door de roze

Peperomia bladeren
Eden Collection

De 5 mooiste Peperomia bladeren

Wow, herken jij de bladeren van deze Peperomias? Sommige kleuren of vormen zijn echt kenmerkend voor de planten, zoals de Peperomia argyreia, beter bekend als

Peperomia Red Canyon ® 12 cm en 15 cm op tafel
Eden Collection

What makes these 3 Peperomias special?

The Peperomia obtusifolia is a well known plant and you could find it in many houses. This beautiful, compact plant is part of the Eden Collection for more than 25 years! But there are a few new kids on the block: Peperomia Burning Bush ® and Peperomia Red Canyon ®.

Groene kamerplant in interieur
Eden Collection

Christmas tree out, houseplant in

There are two types of people: those who prefer having the Christmas tree up 365 days a year and are sad when Christmas is over, and those who take down the Christmas tree on the 27th of December.


Eden Hanging plants

As plant lover you probably can recognise the next scenario. Imagine that every spot in your home is taken by the most beautiful plants. Every dresser, table and even spots on the floor.


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